Who is TFTC?

The collaboration has a focus on creating a supportive and inclusive industry environment as well as developing skills that will allow participants to thrive in Defence Industry.

“We need to increase the representation of women in Defence Industry to better reflect Australian society and strengthen the retention of the women Defence has recruited and trained, particularly in the areas of STEM” Minister Marise Payne, 2018 Launch Keynote Speaker.

The collective goal of the TFTC is to grow and enhance capability.

The TFTC runs the TFTC Mentoring Program, an award winning mentoring program for women working in the Defence Industry.

TFTC was recognised for their contribution to industry as the recipients of the Support/Services Essington Lewis Award in 2017 (pictured below).

TFTC Program Facilitators

Leading Well are a talented, experienced team of coaches, mentors and leadership facilitators passionately committed to the work they do.
Leading Well have been involved with TFTC since its inception in 2015, facilitating all peer cohort meetings since.

Vanessa Fudge

Vanessa is the founder of coaching and consulting firm Leading Well. She has been designing and facilitating enterprise and industry mentoring programs for over 10 years and loves every one of them! Vanessa has been involved with TFTC since its inception 6 years ago when she facilitated the original meeting with the Steering Committee and the decision that the program had a vision to “grow and enhance capability of women engineers in the Defence Industry”. Through her extensive experience in mentoring, Vanessa has found that companies that thrive ensure they raise the overall wellbeing of their people. She is passionate about quality facilitation and raising the bar on coaching standards.

Dean Mason

Dean brings 20 years of facilitation and coaching experience, people often leave his workshops reporting they feel ‘empowered’, ‘invigorated, ‘clear’, and ‘confident’. Based in Melbourne, Dean has been delivering workshops for TFTC’s Melbourne group since 2017. He considers mentoring an essential building block for everyone’s professional development and has been a facilitator for several industry-wide and in-house mentoring programs. The freedom participants have to explore both technical and relational skills development according to their current career goals, combined with the natural community building that occurs, is what Dean enjoys most about being involved with TFTC. Dean draws on a wealth of organisational and coaching experience, with a grounding in mindfulness practices, to facilitate conversations that foster positive forward movements for everyone involved.

Dorus van den Biezenbos

Dorus is an experienced leader, facilitator and mentor, passionate about
understanding organisational and people’s drivers and helping them achieve their full potential.

Dorus has been coaching and mentoring clients and colleagues for over 20 years, across industries ranging from Banking to Consumer Products, Defence to Not-for-Profit and Life Insurance to Retail. Bringing together his Consulting experience, international background, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for leadership.

Sonya Trau

Sonya is a dynamic, intuitive and highly experienced leader in the coaching and mentoring industry in Australia. With more than 12 years and 10,000 hours of coaching, mentoring program and facilitation experience, Sonya heads up Leading Well’s Queensland team. In addition to facilitating numerous successful local and Australia wide mentoring programs over the last 10 years, together with Leading Well founder Vanessa Fudge, Sonya co-created Leading Well’s full white label end-
end mentoring program used by organisations across the country.


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